Delegation of Young Scholars from Harvard Medical School Visited Daping Hospital

  In the morning of November 12thsix  young scholars from medical school of Harvard university visited our hospital, accompanied by Lin Hai, the director of  office of scientific achievement to scientific research department of the Third Military Medical University.
  Related leaders and experts including  Chen Hong  vice president of our hospital, Li Yong deputy director of department of medical science and technology, Wu Yulin deputy director of political department, Wang Dong director of tumor center, Chen Lin director of  trauma laboratory , et al, participated in the communication. During this period, the members of delegation watched the propaganda film, listened to the introduction of Daping hospital and then communicate with the leaders and experts. The leaders of our hospital introduced the related policy about talent recruitment and training, and warmly invited the young scientists to work, communicate and cooperate with our hospital. Both sides of experts introduced the researching fields of themselves and exhibited their carrying out researching work respectively. Then they investigated the interesting professional questions in common. After the discussion, the six young scholars visited the laboratories of  professor Jiang Jianxin and Chen Lin.
The visiting young scholars are from Harvard Medical School Chinese Scholars and Scientists Association (HMS-CSSA). HMS-CSSA is the only legitimate organization that accredited by the Harvard Medical School, which represents Chinese experts, scholars, post-doctors who are working, studying and visiting in the Harvard Medical School.
  Since 2008, HMS-CSSA has constantly organized delegations to visit famous universities and scientific institutes of China, which advanced the communication, cooperation in biological medicine research and played as bridge and ligament roles between Chinese and American. The six young scholars in the delegation, including researchers and post-doctors, mainly focus their studies on stem cell, neurobiology, and tumor and so on. They are excellent young experts in their fields and their outstanding works has been published on world top academic journals, such as Cell, Cancer Cell, PNAS.
  This visiting gave deeply impression in the young scholars, which provided favorable conditions for communication and cooperation between Chinese scholars from Harvard Medical School and Daping Hospital. At the same time, through this visiting, the influence and attraction of Daping Hospital for excellent talents overseas have been greatly improved.

Source Chongqing Hospital Association
Date 2015/11/21 11:46:14

Chongqing Hospital Association (CQHA)