The sixth Chongqing International Neurological Forum was successfully held by our hospital-International experts gathered in Chongqing for a Neurology Symposium

The sixth Chongqing International Neurological Forum¡± was solemnly held by the third military medical school and Chongqing Daping hospital ,with the chairman of Professor Zhou Huadong, at the first teaching hall in school in november 22, 2014.
In this conferences we have the honor to have invited national experts such as academician Wang Longde(deputy director of the National Stroke Prevention Works Committee, deputy director of the Education, Science, Culture and Public Health Committee, former deputy minister of Health Department), academician Cheng Tianmin(TMMU), academician Duan Shumin(director of Zhejiang University School of Medicine),Professor Bu Chuanqiang(credit chairman of Neurology Branch of Chinese Medical Association),Professor Xie Peng(president of Neurology Branch of Chinese Medical Association), and other experts from Beijing hospital, Xuan Wu hospital, Tian Tan hospital, Hua Shan hospital or other institutions. National experts like Professor Takeshi Tabira (executive director of Japan Medical Association, an internationally renowned expert in Alzheimer¡¯s disease), Professor Santiago M Herrero(an expert from Principality of Asturias, University of Oviedo) and Professor Marilyn Kaplow(a member of Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation) also presented in the conference.
In the opening ceremony, professor Zhou Lin, director of our hospital, made the welcome speech to the national and international experts presented and introduced the promising development of Neurological department. After that, academician Wang Longde expressed his congratulation and affirmed the work of prevention and control of cerebrovascular disease by our hospital. During the conference, experts presented wonderful academic reports and case discussions. Among the Main Conference Hall and the Nursing Hall, there are 500 Chinese and foreign peers joined our meetting.
Our forum is a high end and high level international conference. The neurological department of our hospital has consistently held the Chongqing International Neurological Forum for six terms and reached a new peak this time. Social media like Chongqing News Network, Chongqing Daily and Cqnews Net have raised series special reports on this conference. This forum have promoted the academic influence of our neurological department and our hospital which provided a positive effect on the development of Neurology.
By professor Wang Yangjiang from Neurological Department and Zhu Guangpin and Wan Zhongyu from Publicity Department

Source £ºChongqing Hospital Association
Date £º2014/11/24 11:48:46

Chongqing Hospital Association (CQHA)