Warm congratulations to Professor Jiang Jianxin for receiving a Prize from the Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation

The Award Ceremony of the 2015 Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation was held on Nov. 4th in Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, Beijing. 47 scientists were awarded by the Foundation. Professor Jiang Jianxin from the Research Institute of Surgery won the Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress of the 2015 Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation in medicine, and he becomes the fourth scientist to ever win this award in our department¡¯s history (Academician Cheng Tianmin, Academician Wang Zhengguo, and Professor Bian Xiuwu also havewon this award).

Professor Jiang¡¯s research is mainly focus on the cure of war injuries and the prevention and treatment methods of its complications. Prof. Jiang is one of the earliest specialists in the world who study the pathogenesis of all complications in a systematic way at the early stage of traumas, which proposed a new series of mechanisms including individual difference in response to injuries, decreased defense against infection, uncontrolled inflammatory response, and organ damage. He also organized and headed several multi-center projects in evidence-based medicine and translational medicine which revealed the occurrence rules of traumatic complications of Chinese. Throughthese studies, Prof. Jiang and his team established the prevention and control system which contains risk assessments of war traumatic complications, early warning, and prognosis estimation, this system significantly increase the level of prevention and cure of serious complication after trauma. Prof. Jiang¡¯s research have made crucial contribution to the establishment of our military medical service system for the strategy of building a strong army.

The Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation was established in Hong Kong with funds donated by Mr. Ho Sin-Hang, Mr. Leung Kau-Kui, Mr. Ho Tim and Mr. Lee Quo-Wei in 1994. The Foundation sets three annual prizes including the Prize for Scientific and Technological Achievements, the Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress, and the Prize for Scientific and Technological Innovation. The Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation selected and rewarded 1147 leading scientists in the past two decades, it has been an outstanding representative of science and technology award from the civil society of China.

Source £ºChongqing Hospital Association
Date £º2015/11/9 11:56:26

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