Taking the Leading Role in Emergency Rescue

¡¡¡¡In 2003, the SARS crisis raged across China and there was no set protocol at that time to treat that disease. Zhao risked infection to work on the SARS front-line around clock. Based on her experience there, she created standard nursing patterns, ensuring the safety of 29 suspected SARS patients and the medical staff in the isolated wards. Withthe joint efforts of all the medical staff, all the patients recovered within two months.In 2008, after a devastating earthquake had occurred in Wenchuan, Sichuan Province, Zhao Qinghua set up disaster relief wards immediately. She worked with her team members and successfully treated 156 injured people transferred from the earthquake area, thus achieving the goal of ¡°no infections, no amputations, and no deaths¡±.Among them, there was a 17-year old boy, who was seriously injured with systemic multiple fractures. He called Zhao ¡°Mom ¡± upon his discharge after his successful recovery, saying that if it was not for Zhao¡¯s maternal presence,intensive care, and daily psychological counseling, he would have given up the will to live since he had lost his parents in the earthquake. He would never forget that Zhao fed him her homemade chicken soup, neither those happy stories Zhao had shared with him. It was Zhao who gave him the hope of life again. Since then, Zhao keepsin contact with the boy andfinancially supports the boy to finish his college education.
¡¡¡¡Having witnessed and experienced many major public health emergencies, Zhao wisely concluded many systematic problems of the existing emergency response system. Therefore, in 2009, Zhao launched akeygovernment-funded project entitled "Exploring the Support Models of Public Hospitals in Chongqing for Public Health Emergency¡±. The proposals in the project laid a solid foundation for the establishment of the "National (Chongqing) Emergency Medical Rescue Team". Guided by these theories and practices, Zhao set up the first emergency rescue nursing team in Chongqing. In 2013, immediately after the Lushan Earthquake struck, she led this nursing team to rush to the disaster area regardless of the aftershocks. The team distinguished itself by being the firstrescue team to arrive at the disaster area and being the first team to commence emergency rescue operations, racingagainst time and making a difference between life and death. Being well-trained, experienced and efficient, Zhao andher teammates were highly praised by the people in the quake zone and received accolades from ChineseGovernment.

Source £ºChongqing Hospital Association
Date £º2015/11/25 16:29:34

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