Southwest Hospital

  The Southwest Hospital is situated in Gaotanyan, Shapingba District, Chongqing Autonomous Municipality, where Jialing and Yangtze Rivers are in conjunction with beautiful landscapes. It was founded in Nanjing in 1929, the former Central Hospital of old government before 1949, then moved to Chongqing in 1941 and was officially named in 1950. Today it is the first teaching hospital affiliated with the Third Military Medical University and also the First Clinical College as well. After more than eighty years¨ development, the Southwest Hospital has become a modernized comprehensive hospital of a large type, occupying a size of over 300 Chinese Mu with 360 thousand square meters of building area, owing 2900 beds and sophisticated facilities such as Da Vinci Surgical robot system, PET/CT, 3.0MRI, Dual-Source Spiral CT, Magneto encephalography, Medical Hyperbolic Oxygen Chambers and Neuronavigation. The annual outpatient and emergence reach 3.20 million persons, 120 thousand hospitalized patients and 60 thousand surgeries. It has ranked among the first group in comprehensive capability in China and is coordinately developing in medical management, teaching and academic researching.

  Outstanding academic advantages: 10 national key subjects (burn surgery, liver and gallbladder, infection, urology, neurology, orthopedics, thoracic surgery, plastic surgery, heart medicine and respiratory medicine); 2 key subjects of national nurture (digest and ophthalmology); 1 key subject of the State Pharmaceutical Administration (Chinese Traditional Medicine & Rheumatology); 7 research institutes of PLA (burn surgery, liver and gallbladder, infection, urology, neurology, clinical pathology); 7 specialized centers of PLA (orthopedics, ophthalmology, general surgery, clinical laboratory, obstetrics and gynecology, cardiology and rehabilitation). The first-level clinical medicines are all certificated of doctorate departments and the key subjects of Chongqing.

  Profound personnel resource: over 5000 professionals including 405 professors, 44 enjoying the especial government allowance, 1 only academician of      Chinese Academy of Sciences in Chongqing, 1 chief scientist of 973 Project, 1 Chang Jiang Scholar, 3 received the State Foundation of Outstanding Youth, 79 doctorate and 166 master directors.

  Obvious clinical features: 8 clinical departments of excellence (burn and trauma, digestive diseases, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases, urological diseases, eye diseases and comprehensive management of oncology); 8 clinically departments with specialized features (breast surgery, joint surgery, rheumatology, ocular fundus diseases, prostate diseases, pain and psychological treatments, eugenics); 5 clinical core techniques: organ transplantations (multi-organ transplants), mini-invasive surgeries of all series (abdominal scope of various systems, interventional treatment, endoscope and radiofrequency), intensive care, tissue engineering repair, genetic diagnosis and therapy.
  Vigorous scientific innovations: The Hospital has achieved 2 first class awards and 16 second class awards of State Scientific and Technologic Achievement, 31 first class and 146 second class awards of provincial or army levels. It is undertaking more than 1200 academic research subjects above the provincial level, among which include 62 key subjects, 973 or 863 Projects, total financial sponsors amounting over 470 million RMB Yuan and more than 711 papers received under Science Citation Index.

  According to the ideas of reasonable scale, connotative construction and innovative development with quality and features in the first place and the principle of being the model in the profession and a hospital of first-rate, we are making every effort to build research-type hospital among the international first rating.

  In 2002, the Hospital passed quality certificate of BSI IS09001.

  In 2003, Surgical Building was finished of 97 thousand square meters.

  In 2006, the Simulated Training Center for Clinical Skills was completed with sound facilities and functions.

  In 2007, the Hospital was approved as the first batch of experimental models of digital hospitals and the New Outpatient and Emergency Building was put into effect, which is modernly, intelligently, personally and ecologically integrated with capability to serve 10 thousand patients at same time.

  In 2010, the Hospital was approved with certificate of International SIDCR. It has ever been honored the 100 Best Hospitals of Quality Service in China, National Model Hospitals to Patients¨ Satisfaction, the National Advanced Units in Hospital-Culture Construction, National Advanced Units of Spiritual Civilization Construction and the Hospital of First Choice in Chongqing.

Source Chongqing Hospital Association
Date 2015/11/23 21:11:54

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