The First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University

  Established in 1957, The First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University is a large general hospital which integrates clinical practice, teaching, research, prevention and health care, and in February 1994, it developed the Clinical Medical College of Chongqing Medical University on its base. The hospital is located on No.1 Friendship Road, Yuanjiagang, Yuzhong District, Chongqing City and is near the Olympic Games Centre, that encompasses nearly 127,000 m2

  The hospital has become the largest general hospital of Chongqing city, with the most advanced equipments and technical resources after 50 years of evolution. It has 32 clinical departments, 6 medical technical departments and 2,000 beds. It receives about 1,000,000 outpatients, 40,000 inpatients and 50,000 emergency cases annually, and has a success rate of over 96% in rescue of critical patients.

  The hospital has a strong academically oriented faculty with a rich clinical experience. It has 90 professors and 243 associate professors, among whom 46 are tutors doctor, 153 are masters, 43 are experts enjoying government subsides, 24 are entitled or nominated as the first academic leaders of Chongqing City and 44 are appointed as directors or associate directors of the Chongqing Medical Association.

  The hospital is well equipped with the most advanced medical technologies.It has 64 Slice and 16 Slice Spiral CT Scanner, MRI, High Intensity Focusing Ultrasonic Therapy System (HIFU), Single Photon Emitter Computerized Tomography(SPECT), Innova Tabulate Detector, Digital Subtraction Angiography System (DSA), Linear Accelerator, Surgery Navigation System for Neurosurgery, Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber and a variety of endoscopes.

  With such rich medical and technical resources, this hospital ranks as one of the best in China for its comprehensive diagnosis and treatment abilities; it is therefore a very dominant institution throughout the southwest area of China. The hospital has 22 medical centres including Chongqing Organ Transplantation Centre, Chongqing Neurosurgery Centre, Chongqing Diabetes Mellitus Centre and so on. It remains on the cutting edge of medical science both domestically and abroad. It routinely performs complex operations on every organ system of the body including the heart, brain, liver, kidney, chest, abdomen, and spine. Needless to say it can deal with the most difficult cases. The hospital has 1 clinical mobile post-doctoral centre, 1 doctoral degree program for first class clinical discipline, 34 doctoral degree programs for second and third class discipline, 32 master degree programs, one state approved key specialty (Infectious Diseases), 17 provincial and municipal key specialties, 8 municipal key medical subjects, 1 municipal key neurological laboratory, 3 municipal key medical laboratories, 13 research laboratories, 22 teaching and research departments, and 10 teaching hospitals. The Institute of Infectious Diseases, Parasitology, Neurology, Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Diseases are established, together with two health schools attached to the Chongqing Medical University and hospital respectively. The hospital has the capability of cultivating medical talents at all levels, such as post-doctorates, doctors, masters, 7-year postgraduates, 5-year undergraduates and students of the technological academy.
  In the past five years, the hospital has been involved with more than 400 research projects, including ¨863¨ state programs and key projects of the natural sciences foundations of China, and acquired 60 different grade prises including state second grade scientific and technological achievements. The hospital is 22nd in the number of CSCD publications among all the medical establishments in China.

  The hospital is entitled "Class A Hospital of the Highest Grade", "One Hundred Best Hospitals", "Advanced Collective of the National Health System", "Baby Friendly Hospital" of the Ministry of Health and enjoys the honour of "Model Unit of Chongqing", "Demonstration Unit for Open Code Marked Price" and the first "Quality-assured Pharmacy" in Chongqing.

Source Chongqing Hospital Association
Date 2015/11/23 21:13:22

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