Stomatological Hospital of Chongqing Medical University

¡¡¡¡The Affiliated Hospital of Stomatology, CQMU, has a total building size of 15,810 m2, a staff of 299 people, of whom there are 32 with doctor or master degrees. Now there are 7 professors, 28 associate professors, 1 doctoral supervisor and 17 Master degree candidate¡¯s tutors. Hospital has 15 clinic and technological sections, 3 treatment centers. In the year of 2001, the hospital became the Stomatological Hospital Affiliated to the CQMU and the Department of Stomatology was established at the same time, under which 5 teaching sections of the Oral Medicine, the Oral and Maxilla-facial Surgery, the Prosthodontics, the Orthodontics, the Children¡¯s Dental Diseases and Preventive-Pedodontics were organized. The lab for the teaching of oral clinic technology was set up, which is among the first class of its kind in the country. The Hospital is authorized to tutor the graduate students and entitle them with master degree.
¡¡¡¡Hospital has a great amount of dental-specialized equipments and facilities, which are advanced as the first class in the country, including 138 imported Chairs for Dental treatment, the Orthognathic Surgery Micromotivity Operation System, the Oral Endoscopic System, CR Vidio-tape System, Dental Pure-titanium Casting Unit and Dental Laser Seal Unit, etc. Besides, a central-controlled computer management system has been equipped. The hospital, one of the advanced in the comprehensive capability of dental health care in the country, with its excellent equipments and techniques, well accumulated experiences, noble morals has become an important stomatological base. The Hospital has set up the Sections of Oral Prevention, Orthodontics, Cosmetic Plastics and Oral Implant Center, and played a leading role in applying the new material of the baked-porcelain tooth and the new restorative techniques of adelomorphic artificial tooth and artificial implant tooth, which supplied the lack in Chongqing area at that time. Now, the hospital has successfully performed some key technological projects advanced in our country, such as reconstruction of mandibular large-scale defect with fibular free flap, micro-therapy of root canal, the modern orthodontic technique of Demon self-locking system, the maximal anchorage control technique of MIA (micro-implant anchorage), the bimaxillary osteotomy of orthognathic surgery to correct the jaw deformities and the restoration by oral implantation etc.

¡¡¡¡During the period from 2002 to 2006, the Hospital has got 47 scientific research projects on different levels and the total fund along with them is as much as 3.2 million Yuan. 7 academic books on oral medicine and 160 essays have been published. The Hospital has won 3 Prizes of Science Research Achievements from the province, municipality and ministry respectively. It is planned that in 3-5 years, the Hospital will build itself into one general hospital with two branches and several community clinics. Hospital has strengthened academic exchange at home and abroad. Cooperation agreements have been reached with several University of Japan, France, England, and etc. there are more than 5 foreign professors or experts come to the hospital to give lectures every year and 8 foreign experts have been entitled to be visiting professors by the hospital.

Source £ºChongqing Hospital Association
Date £º2015/11/23 21:15:15

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